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15 Anti-inflammatory Spices that Boost Metabolism

by Dr. Gina Sam M.D.
28 June 2023

Spices and foods you eat can boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat if you choose wisely.

Particularly, turmeric, ginseng, and oregano are herbs that increase your metabolism. Moreover, cinnamon has been shown to increase the body's metabolism, which helps you burn fat faster—while helping to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure levels and suppressing appetite to aid in effortless weight loss.

Plus, getting enough sleep, eating regularly, and exercising can boost metabolism. The body requires calories to move, breathe, digest food, circulate blood, repair wounds, grow cells, and think. Calorie burning rates are measured by metabolic rates, or how quickly the body burns calories to generate energy.

We will discuss a few spices that are highly effective at revving up the metabolic rate and taming fat accumulation below. And we will also touch on a few lifestyle tweaks and tips to consider including in your routine to properly prime your body for better metabolic function.

But for now let's discuss the top 15 spices to include in your diet to improve metabolism:

1) Cinnamon

Adding this ingredient to your diet can help you lose visceral fat as well as shed pounds overall. Plus, cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices because of its antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. Moreover, it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and boosts insulin function and metabolism.

Using cinnamon as a spice increases metabolism because it takes more energy to digest than other foods. Sugar is broken down in the body in a similar way to insulin in the presence of cinnamon. Plus, besides improving body metabolism, cinnamon can also reduce the amount of fat deposited and stored in the abdomen.

2) Turmeric

Turmeric increases metabolism, which aids in burning calories faster. Also, turmeric tea, milk and water can help reduce belly fat.

Further, turmeric has been shown to lower fat tissue growth, promote weight loss, limit weight regain, and even improve insulin sensitivity.

Moreover, turmeric tea increases the amount of bile produced in the stomach when consumed on a regular basis. A digestive juice, it aids in emulsifying fat and making it more easily digestible. The weight loss potential of this spice can be attributed to this process.

3) Ginger

This root powerhouse contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. A person may be able to lose fat and control their blood sugar levels by using it regularly.

A potent diuretic and thermogenic compound in ginger tea contributes to weight loss. As a result, the body burns more energy and the metabolic rate increases. A healthy and balanced diet should include ginger tea for this purpose.

4) Cayenne

It has been found that the capsaicin in cayenne peppers increases your metabolism, bolstering your use of energy and fat burning. Furthermore, it may help you eat less than you normally would due to its ability to reduce your appetite naturally.

Besides increasing your metabolism, cayenne pepper is said to burn calories because it is spicy. Whenever you eat spicy peppers, your body temperature rises. Your body shifts into cooldown mode when it's hot. As a result, your body burns calories—further contributing to the weekly deficit needed for consistent weight loss.

5) Cumin

There is evidence that cumin may boost your metabolism, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce blood sugar levels. Further, some studies confirm that consuming ground cumin can help people lose weight.

A tablespoon of cumin a day is usually recommended for weight loss.

6) Fennel

Fiber-rich fennel seeds aid weight loss and prevent hunger pangs. As diuretics, they improve metabolism. Fennel seeds help you lose weight quickly when combined with a balanced diet and exercise.

Fennel is a rich source of fiber, which helps you stay fuller for longer, protecting you from cravings and overeating. This leads to reduced calorie consumption, typically resulting in weight loss.

The body may even be able to absorb more vitamins and minerals by consuming these seeds.

7) Fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds help to improve insulin resistance and metabolism over time. Plus, fenugreek seeds contain galactomannan, a water-soluble heteropolysaccharide known to aid in weight loss.

8) Cardamom

Diuretics and digestive stimulants like cardamom promote metabolism and burn fat faster. Plus, cardamom can help to reduce belly fat deposits as well.

Most people have fat accumulated around their stomachs, putting them at risk of metabolic and cardiovascular problems, and adding this spice to your meal plan regularly can help banish this problematic abdominal bulge.

9) Black Pepper

Phytonutrients present in black pepper help break down fat in the body and assist in effectively extracting nutrients from food. Plus, black pepper contains a magical ingredient called alkaloid piperine that boosts metabolism.

10) Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a natural antioxidant that improves your health in general. Antioxidants help your body burn fat by speeding up your metabolism and reducing inflammation.

Ashwagandha boosts the immune system, and redirecting energy to weight loss is one of its major benefits. Besides, ashwagandha may lower cortisol hormone levels naturally, and stress eating tendencies and food cravings will likely be reduced as a result.

11) Guggul

Guggul has been shown to support thyroid health, promoting your body's natural ability to regulate metabolism.

Some studies suggest that herbal supplements containing guggul extract may aid weight loss and reduce skinfold thickness and body circumference in the treatment of obesity. Further, Medhohar Guggulu helps control weight by resetting metabolism and digestion.

12) Ginseng

This potent root impacts metabolism by influencing leptin, insulin, and adiponectin, all of which play an instrumental role in fat and cholesterol metabolism. Plus, ginseng may inhibit angiogenesis by intercepting disease and fortifying other defense systems in the body.

Moreover, using Korean Red Ginseng prevents fat accumulation and regulates appetite by controlling enzymes and hormones that contribute to weight loss.

The herb addresses obesity without causing any side effects or chemical reactions.

13) Oregano

In addition to being packed with nutrients, oregano has anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

Aside from boosting your metabolism, it also contains antioxidants. Plus, oil derived from oregano has carvacrol, which aids in weight loss and visceral fat reduction.

Moreover, herbs like turmeric, ginseng, and oregano enhance your body's ability to burn fat, increase your metabolism, and decrease your cravings, thanks to its terpenoids, terpenes, and phenols, including carvacrol, thymol, and rosmarinic acid.

14) Caralluma Fimbriata

Indians have used Caralluma fimbriata as a hunger and thirst suppressant for centuries. Recent studies have revealed that this extract may also provide antioxidant, energy-boosting, and glucose-lowering benefits, which aid in stabilizing hormones to promote healthier metabolism.

15) Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee may help with weight loss, according to some research. Some small studies have found that taking green coffee could lead to weight loss, and may lower blood sugar and block fat accumulation.

Moreover, some people also seem to benefit from green coffee when it comes to lowering high blood pressure.


Boosting your metabolism will help your body release excess fat and keep your hormones balanced by default.

Just think, a warm and cozy cup of sweet turmeric milk, adding extra cumin to your curry or spicing recipes up with sweet and intense ginger and savory garlic all contribute to enhanced metabolic function and setting your body to operate efficiently in fat-burning mode.

Like turmeric and cayenne pepper, ginger is an effective fat burner. You can add it to tea, salads, fish, fruits, and more!

You can incorporate spices into your recipes in countless ways. We've shared some soothing and flavorful options that you may already be using in your favorite recipes.

Get your spice cabinet well stocked, experiment with the many options and reap the benefits of a revved-up metabolism that will help you lose weight and regulate your hormones with minimal hassle.


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